Based on my fascination for his video work, I asked Alfredo Salomón for some visual input for the 9 Beet Stretch concerts. He came up with his amazing

The «Hyperkinetik Video Machine» is a self-generated video machine made of 4 blue acrilic boxes floating in the centre of the space.

Inside the 1st cube there are 2 speakers connected to 1000 fiber optics lines.

Inside the second box there are 4 small fans. Music controls light intensity, vibrance of the fibers and the fans.

The dancing dots are reflected in the 3rd cube where you can also see the image coming form the 4th cube: the flat panel.

This multilayer image goes inside the computer where it will be manipulated and projected in the flat panel.

In each cube users can see how does sound becomes light, how does light beams react to music, how this phenomena becomes an image and how does this image is captured and manipulated in real time by the computer.

Here are some additional images:


Image of the machine

Another image of the machine

Details of the produced images

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(all images © Alfredo Salomón)

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