The files available here are based on the early files made with Snd (pronounce it 'sound'). For the release and the ongoing concert series a remake was done using Common Lisp Music. Both are made by Bill Schottstaedt. CLM was handling the granulation faster and also had other additional features making it preferable to use.

Granulation divides the sound into short enveloped grains and reproduces them in high densities ranging from several hundred to several thousand grains per second. Slicing the input file into short pieces, then overlapping these slices to lengthen (or shorten) the result allows a change in the speed at which things happen in a recorded sound without changing the pitches.

The ratio of augmentation reach 24 hour will vary depending on which source recording used. The source's I have seen range from 64' to 78', giving a ratio somewhere in the range of 19 - 23 times.

9 Beet Stretch has been installed in a wide range of spaces, from bedroom to huge industrial halls like the Kupfer Ironworks, and churches as the 11th century Bergen Cathedral (Borealis). In any space, good contemplation furniture makes a difference. An earlier installation at Brakstad Konsept took place in the gallery's bedroom (thus the title then; bedchambermusic), and 9 Beet Stretch at 964 Natoma – which is known for its space filled with madrasses and beansacks – was the perfect marriage between work and venue!

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